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Annie’s Craft Store Coupons Crochet Knit Sewing Quilting

Looking to save some money on your craft patterns, books, yarn, fabric and other craft supplies? Click on one of the links below to activate a coupon to use online at Annie’s Crafts online. **Note be sure to check the expiration dates before using. Learn to Make Hats & Cowls on the Knitting Loom

A Better Way to Sleep Eco-Friendly Bed and Pillow Protectors

Better protection for you bed with no chemicals or pesticides. A healthy environment is important to all of us. While we may eat organic foods and watch the chemicals we put on our body we also have to think of our sleep environment. This includes everything from organic mattresses to the mattress protectors, comforters, and …

Top Trends in Jewelry Diamond Hoop Earrings for Mom

1/4 Ct Diamond Hoop Earrings – On Sale $29.99 (regularly $129.99)  You can’t go wrong with a classic hoop earring and these are a stunning pair to give as a gift.  These chic inside-out platinum overlay earrings are everything you could want in a hoop – at a price you won’t believe!  You can learn …