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Mattress ProtectorBetter protection for you bed with no chemicals or pesticides. A healthy environment is important to all of us. While we may eat organic foods and watch the chemicals we put on our body we also have to think of our sleep environment. This includes everything from organic mattresses to the mattress protectors, comforters, and pillow protectors we use on our beds at night.   Investing in a a sustainably made, toxic-free mattress cover makes all the difference when it comes to sleeping comfortably and staying cool.   Sleep safer and keep those icky things that crawl on your mattress away from you at night.

The unpleasant truth is that mattresses, pillows and duvets harbor all kinds of yucky things.  Over time, traditional mattresses and other bedding items can become infested with millions of dust mites and living organisms that are the second highest cause of allergic reactions, after pollen.  Keetsa Protective Cases are a simple, easy way to protect yourself every night.  Micro-fiber fabric creates a barrier between you and the mattress, pillows and duvets, where the strands and weaving in this fabric are so tiny that dust mites and other micro organisms are unable to penetrate to live in your mattress and beddings. Keetsa cases help to bring safer sleep your way.   How to Order…

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Pillow Protector


Pillow Protectors are also a good investment as your pillowcase doesn’t protect your pillow the way it should while you sleep.  A good pillow protector are made up of extremely soft fabric and are made to fit your pillow comfortably.

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Frankenmuth Woolen Mill 100% Natural Wool Filled ComforterDuvet Protector  Be sure to add to your comfort with a hand made comforter made in the USA that is all natural and will keep you safe and clean.  Don’t forget the Duvet cover for your comforter also.




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