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Do you love to write and want to get published? Are you an aspiring writer who would love to see their book in print or maybe an experienced writer who wants a new way to get a book to their readers? Barnes and Noble now has a new print press platform for authors who would like to see their book in print and best of all it is free to use! You can see your book printed in hardcover, paperback or onscreen versions. You will also benefit from having your book promoted at Barnes and Noble.



The new platform will allow self-published authors to print and sell their books through! Not only will you be able to sell your books in print on, but you’ll also benefit from the promotional muscle of Barnes & Noble and its more than 600 retail stores, all while earning competitive & favorable royalty rates. Plus, if you are an author affiliate you could earn additional commission on every book sold on

Unlike other print platforms, NOOK Press will offer you and your readers the opportunity to order your books in hardcover, complete with dust jacket. Now readers will be able to experience your book in any format they prefer, onscreen, in paperback, or in hardcover – Learn more about this program with BN.





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