Best Christmas Pajamas for Kids and Parents

Last year I received the Christmas tree family pajamas to review and I wanted to update you on the pajamas and how they are holding out this Christmas.  The Christmas Tree  Matching Family PJ’s I received were for my 3 grandsons and their parents.  The parents are still wearing the pjs but mom is expecting a little girl at the beginning of the year so we gave her a pair of the Women’s Printed Snowflake Flannel Pajamas this year in a larger size to wear and stay comfortable.  The good thing about having 3 boys is that the 2 younger ones are wearing the hand me downs from the larger size.  The older grandson gave his pajamas to his younger brother and the middle brother gave his to the little one.  As far as the baby toddler pajamas, they will be passed along to the new baby next year to wear.


PajamaMania Women’s Printed Flannel Pajamas

When I went over to the house the other day to watch the boys I arrived in the morning to find the two youngest boys in the matching Christmas tree pajamas.  I was surprised at how well these still fit them and how vibrant of colors the pajamas were still in.  They lasted wash after wash and after several messy breakfasts they look almost like new.  I figured if they could withstand these three little tough guys they could hang in for years to come if you had other little ones to pass them along too. Plus, mom and dad can easily wear the pajamas all winter long.  What I really like with purchasing matching Christmas pajamas is the great quality and how well they wash and wear without fading.  They fit the kids so perfectly and the boys wanted to stay in them all day and when I asked them to get dressed they really didn’t want to since the pajamas were so comfortable and warm to play in. Plus you can even order a pair for the dog!


Puppy Animal Slippers for Women, Men and Kids
Puppy Animal Slippers for Women, Men and Kids

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