Best Travel Car Seat for Parents and Grandparents

IMMI Go Hybrid Uber Car Seat Booster 2016
IMMI Go Hybrid Uber Car Seat Booster 2016

As a grandparent I am always pulling the car seat from my grandkids parents cars and putting them in my car to take them somewhere such as school, the park, or a play date. It’s not always convenient to keep a car seat in my car so the best solution we found was the Go Hybrid Uber Car Seat Booster.

The seat is lightweight and comes folded with its very own travel bag!

It’s works well because it’s easy to carry and install especially for taxis, grandma and grandpa’s car, babysitters, Ubers, take with you when you travel on an airplane (cannot be used on the plane but can be folded and stored)  and use in the rental car when you land, plus more.  It also is an easy seat to use for carpools, moving a kid back and forth between cars and using if you have multiple vehicles or a kid that has to go between parents cars.   Where to Purchase the Car Seat Booster

IMMI Go Hybrid Car Seat Booster 2016IMMI Go Hybrid Car Seat Booster 2016

Here’s what you need to know about the IMMI GO:

  • Thanks to an innovative soft back, the IMMI GO weighs only 10 pounds, and can fold up into a travel bag that can easily ride in your car trunk (or the overhead compartment on a plane).
  • The IMMI GO installs in less than two minutes, using LATCH and the top tether.
  • The IMMI GO converts from a forward-facing car seat with a five-point harness to a backless belt-positioning booster.
  • Kids can start using it at age 1 (although we recommend rear-facing seats for this age), and it can be used up to 100 lbs.
  • Because of the lightweight and quick install, the IMMI GO is used by Uber for their Uber Car Seat service!

immi go hybrid car seat booster 2016immi go hybrid car seat booster 2016

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