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Source: Compact Series Sit-Stand Desktop Risers | FlexiSpot

If you have a limited workspace the Flexispot Desktop Riser is a perfect solution for sitting and standing while you work. When you place the workstation on a 28″ high desk it will support people up to 5’9″ tall and when you place it on a workstation that is 31″ high it will support people up to 6’1″ tall.
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You can adjust the desktop riser to match your perfect desk height. This is more ergonomic correct especially for those who have back, neck and leg problems when sitting. It also provides you with a spacious work surface.  An oversized surface area gives you plenty of working space for your devices, notes, documents, etc. Deeper work surface offers comfortable reading distance.

This desk riser is the #1 best seller on Amazon. Business Insider said “it’s a must-try for those looking to upgrade to a professional standing-desk solution

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