New Ways to Pay for Items Online Using Secure eChecks


New Ways to Pay for Items Online Using Secure eChecks

There a new, safer way to pay online using Secure eChecks that you can send without having to share your banking information.

Deluxe eChecks vs. Other Payment Solutions

Announcing eChecks available from Deluxe! Unlike other online payment solutions, anyone can send and receive Deluxe eChecks. All you need is an email address, unlike ACH no account information is exchanged. A secure link is sent to the recipient, they click, download, print and cash.

Simple as that!                              Note this post contains affiliate links

Emailable checks will:
• Save the cost of stamps, envelopes and preprinted checks
• Save time with no folding, printing or envelope stuffing
• Protects from fraud with cutting-edge security features that make emailable checks the most secure check in the industry

Introductory Offer – 50 Deluxe emailable eChecks for just $30

How to Save Money and Time by Using eChecks

 Deluxe eChecks – Read the Reviews!

eChecks are just like traditional checks, except that they’re delivered by email instantly, printed, and then deposited by the recipient.

A paper check is a document that orders a bank to pay a specific amount of money to a person from the sender’s account.

Automatic Clearing House (ACH) is a service that uses an intermediary clearinghouse to settle payments between two banks.

Deluxe eChecks put you in control of your costs.

Pay early to take advantage of invoice discounts or wait until the last minute to maintain cash-at-hand for as long as possible. With Deluxe eChecks, the choice is yours! Because they’re delivered to your payees at the speed of email, you’re in total control of when you’re ready to send.

Save time and money with emailable eChecks by Deluxe! Download the app today!

You’re still mailing checks? Now there’s a better way. Try eChecks by Deluxe.

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