Easy to Make Terra Cotta Pot Bird Bath


Easy to Make Terra Cotta Pot Bird Bath

  Terra Cotta Bird Bath is one of the easiest and inexpensive ways to make a bird bath for your yard is to use terra cotta pots and decorate them with paints.
If you have been shopping for a bird bath lately, you will find that the ones that you like the most for your yard or garden are typically the most expensive. Plus if you are looking for a certain color or theme it may be difficult to find.
That is why making a bird bath using terra cotta pots and painting them in a color scheme for your garden is the best way and least expensive way to solve this problem.
It only takes about 2 hours to make the bird bath once you have all of the supplies.
You will need to pick up the following materials:
3 Terra Cotta Pots (small, medium and large)

Spray all of the terra cotta pots with primer and allow them to dry. Use a second coat if necessary.

Spray the terra cotta pots and the saucers with the colors of paints that you have chosen.
Once all the paint has dried apply the adhesive to the bottom edge of the larger pot, next stack the medium pot on to it. Apply the adhesive to the medium pot and stack the smaller pot on to it. Allow to dry.
Apply the adhesive to the small pot around the bottom edge and center the large saucer on it. You can add a small saucer to the edge of the large saucer of the bird bath. Once all items have dried, apply a clear coat for protection if you would like.
Add decorative stamps before or after assembly or decorate with your own paints if you have the talent to draw butterflies, flowers, bugs or whatever you choose on your bird bath.
The bird bath is now ready to be placed outside for the birds to enjoy.
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