Finding the Perfect Place to Write a Writer’s Desk


Finding the Perfect Place to Write a Writer’s Desk

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When it comes to writing sometimes writer’s block can be caused by where you are sitting.  Some writers can write anywhere they go while others have to be in the same spot to get the creative juices flowing.  No matter what you write you need to be comfortable with the perfect place to sit.  For some that can mean the kitchen table, a comfortable place on the couch or for most a comfy place on a Writer’s desk for our laptop, a few photos, a cozy lamp, a note pad and pen and a great view of our backyard or the city where we live.

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You don’t need a great big desk anymore to be a writer since most of use write using our laptops a smaller cozy desk that will fit in small space in any room is most desirable. My favorite is the Riverside Desk (shown above) because of it’s simplicity and weathered look.  It has just enough drawers for holding pencils and paper (one in the center and two small ones on the side. While providing a center drop-front pencil drawer with 2-outlet powerbar, removable pencil tray.  In addition it has a lifetime warranty so we don’t have to worry about it wearing out.  Learn more about the Riverside Desk.

  If you are going for a more vintage style for a home office try something like this vintage, built to last writing desk from Aspen Home.  It provides style and a look for a classic writing room.

The organic grapevine details, carved clusters on corbels and elegant ash burl and cherry wood veneers provide Old World elegance and modern day function.  This beautiful writing desk not only looks good, but is built to last.  Writing desk features 2 utility drawers and 2 locking file drawers.  Read more about the 60 in writing desk. 

Writers can also go for the writing desk to fit a smaller area such as the Solutions Writer’s Desk above that fits in small spaces and features a keyboard tray.   A small computer workstation also is a great desk for writing such as the Computer Desk on the right that will hold a desktop computer and comes with a keyboard tray.

Check out different styles of  Writing Desks that will suit your perfect spot while you write and make sure to place your desk in the best spot to help you while your write you next article or book.

Don’t forget your chair is one of the most important items that you need as a writer.  An ergonomic chair with good adjustable capabilities will be essential to you as you write.  The Adjustable Mesh Back Ergonomic Chair is an inexpensive, comfortable chair for writing in.  There are several inexpensive, comfortable desk chairs available for your home office to make sure that your writing area is the best overall experience. View all of the desk chairs here...

While your space is important when you write so is your health. Be sure to get up at least once an hour to stretch and walk around.  Taking short walks outdoors or on a treadmill will be beneficial to your health but it will also help with your creativity in the writing process.

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