Why Grammarly is the Best Grammar Checker for Back to School


Why Grammarly is the Best Grammar Checker for Back to School

When going back to school students and parents understand their work and and content for errors. Students and busy professionals are returning from vacations and looking for tools to improve their performance and productivity. There are many different aspects of writing including term papers, homework essays, online content, an organization of thoughts, and grammar to name just a few. While grammar is the mechanical tool for writing, it is just one vehicle that students can utilize to make their content readable and improve their communication skills. Grammarly is one of the best tools that can become a parent, teacher or students best friend when it comes to writing content better than you have ever planned for.

The #1 Writing Tool

When your writing has grammar that is done well, you will be able to communicate your words better to your audience, whether they are students, teachers or online readers. This makes your words more readable and easy to digest. Using words that are too difficult to understand or may be awkward or advanced to read may throw your teachers or readers expectations. While making your work to simple may insult readers or make them doubt your intelligence. Grammarly can easily help you with these situation and suggest wording that is more suited for your work.

No matter what you are writing from homework assignments, to blogs, to academic papers it’s important to have some time-saving tools such as Grammarly to help you with editing your work. A smart editor like Grammarly is free to use but you will need to upgrade to the premium version to utilize all of the tools.

The premium editor provides you with everything from spelling and grammar checks, plagiarism checks, and more. The premium version of Grammarly is affordable at $39.95 and is well worth it to get through a year of school writing.

To get a full summary of all of the Grammarly features take a look at the video below.

Why Grammarly is the Best

Grammarly is one of the best tools for writing today because it is built with an extremely smart technology that can find some of the most common grammar, spelling or punctuation errors and allow you to correct them while you edit.

If you prefer to wait until you are finished writing your document before you use Grammarly you can easily do this. However, Grammarly can allow you to to correct your errors as you go by showing you needed corrections automatically.  In Grammarly Chrome you will see your mistakes that Grammarly finds underlined in red.

Grammarly for Social Media

One of the other great features that Grammarly provide is it's social media compatibility. Grammarly is designed to work with most popular social media platforms including:  Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, eBay, Reddit, Linkedln, Blogger, Trello an others.

Grammarly and Your Writing Skills

You can still use your writing skills and use Grammarly as an alternative to your school work. It can give you a helping hand while you use it for all of your work or just use it as needed while checking your own work for errors. No matter how you use Grammarly it's worth a look this school year to check out the free version and understand how it will fit with you back to school needs.

If you want to learn more about Grammarly or check out all of the features and versions for yourself, go to Grammarly.com

Grammar is important when you write but so is engaging your audience. To prevent your grammar errors be sure to check out Grammarly and utilize it with your creative writing talents.

The #1 Writing Tool

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