How to Clean a Dog’s Ears – Cleaning Dog Ears


How to Clean a Dog’s Ears – Cleaning Dog Ears

Ear Car for Dogs  We want the best care for our pets and that means buying the best food, getting them plenty of exercise and attention and most of all caring for their health so they don’t become sick and have to go to the vet more than needed.  That is why ear car for dogs is very important. I’ve been through so much with my mom not taking care of her pet’s ears leading to all sorts of illnesses and emergency vet appointments.  We have gone over the tips and tricks of cleaning her dog’s ears I thought I would share a few with you.

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Dogs depend on us to feed them, take them outside, and keep them clean and healthy. Keeping up with trimming their nails, grooming appointments and other regular routines will keep them healthy and happy.

dogs ears a problem can arise before we are even aware of it. There are several signs to watch for when it comes to ear diseases in a pet.

  • One of the first things to watch out for is an odor coming from the ear area.
  • Discharge from the ears
  • Rubbing the ears on the carpet or scratching constantly with their paws.
  • Redness or swelling inside the ear flap or ear canal
  • Shaking the head or tilting it to one side.
  • Pain or sensitivity around the ears
  • A dog may become irritable or less playful

Unfortunately this is more common in dogs and veterinarians treat these types of conditions on a regular basis.

All sorts of things can cause ear infections and diseases in dogs.  Some of the most common are food allergies, ear mites, and bacteria and yeast infections.  Some of these can be prevented but it can be difficult at times to keep a dogs ears clean.

How to Clean a Dog’s Ears

A dog can become miserable from an ear infection and cleaning a dogs ears on a regular basis is one way to prevent this.

Cleaning a dogs ears is fairly easy and can be done about once a week depending on the dog. In certain cases a vet may suggest cleaning the ears every other day or 3 times a week depending on the situation.
Ear Care with Tea Tree Oil
Ear Care with Tea Tree Oil

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Obtain a good cleaning solution from your vets office or a reliable source that sells dog products. The product should not sting a pets ears so be sure to read the ingredients before making a purchase. There are many products available from cleaning solutions to wipes for dogs.

How to clean the a dog’s ears:

  • First make sure you dog is calm. Sometimes they are more relaxed after a walk.
  • Have a treat ready or someone to help you keep the dog in place.
  • Fill the dogs ears with a cleaner and massage for 20-30 seconds. (massaging helps loosen the dirt and wax in the ears.)  Be careful they can shake their ears and splatter on you.
  • Wipe the ear clean with a cotton ball or wipe. I prefer the cotton squares, you may have to wipe the ears a few times before removing all of the debris.
  • Give the dog a treat or reward them with affection after the cleaning.

Newton Homeopathics Ear Care
Newton Homeopathics Ear Care

By keeping the hair inside your dog’s ears groomed well on a regular basis it will prevent infections and remain cleaner. Removing the hair will allow more air into the ear and keep the ear canal dry.
If food allergies become a problem with a dogs ears try changing their food. First you will have to identify what they are allergic to most likely with assistance from your vet. Do not neglect any ear problems as it could have a long term effect on a dog such as hearing loss. If you are uncomfortable with the ear cleaning process talk with your vet and seek out dog grooming places that can also assist with cleaning a dog’s ears.
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Most of the time regular cleaning will prevent a problem from occurring. Prevention is always the best step to eliminating a problem


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TrueBlue Super Easy Ear Wipes

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