How to Create a Beautiful Summer Vacation Travel Photo Book




Every year when we go on vacation there are lots of photos to upload to the computer and store online for safe keeping.  But what if you wanted to create a travel book about your adventures while on vacation and share them with friends and family or even sell the book online?

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Put your snapshots into a photo book

That’s where Blurb really helps out when you want to create the perfect book whether it’s for a gift or if you decide to publish a travel journal, travel guide or your own travel photo album.  It’s one of the easiest ways to create a photo book, plus the quality of the books are formatted with some of the best ways possible.

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Once you have your photos organized on your computer, make a separate file folder just for the travel or vacation photos you want to make into a book.  This will make is easier for you once you upload your photos to Blurb.

Next, use the free tools on Blurb to upload, edit and create the perfect book for your photos. Tell a story with your photos and add captions or paragraphs for yourself or to share with readers. The Blurb web site is filled with step-by-step instructions, helpful guides and tools and all the information to create the perfect book.

There are templates to use for your books, instructions on how to upload photos or even upload PDF files for books. You can keep your book private for your own use or make a book to sell on Amazon, Apple iBook Store, Ingram or Blurb.

Travel is a popular subject and taking photos of your travels is something that you can share with others.  There are several others categories available to publish your book with on Blurb, plus unlike other publishers the quality of the books and formatting of eBooks are so much better than the rest.

Learn more about saving your vacation photos and creating a travel or photo book. 

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