How to file your taxes early with efile Web sites


The IRS e-file Tax Web sites are all ready to accept customer returns.

eSmart Tax is now accepting E-file for the 2015 (2014 tax season) Filing Season. eSmart Tax is all ready to accept customer returns.

Prepare your taxes now in order to file on pre-file now.

While many tax payers will not receive all of their tax documents until later in the month of February, those who have received their items early in January can get ready to file their taxes online.

Some of the reasons to file early are to receive faster refunds. If you e-file your tax return you will be able to receive your refund via direct deposit in your bank account within a few days.

If you owe money to the IRS and you submit your return in the middle of January, you do not have to pay your balance due until the filing deadline in mid-April. Planning to file early will give you time to arrange your payment. The extra time is helpful to taxpayers who need to find out exactly how much they will owe the IRS. Why Wait-Start Your Taxes Today! Efile Free For Your Fastest Refund.

Many of the online tax filing sites are now accepting e-file tax documents and are offering discounts to those who file early. Below are some of the deals and sites offering free e-file and early filing for your taxes this year.

Prepare, print and e-file your simple return with TurboTax Federal Free Edition and get your maximum refund this year! Plus, for a limited time add a state tax return for $0. – Federal filing is free if you use Turbo Tax for state it is free also.

The only thing better than FREE is FREE + 5% More. Buy an Gift Card with your TurboTax federal refund and get 5% more.

File Early with H&R Block online or order the Software and do it yourself… – H&R Block allows early filing with their online services.

Save Up to 66% on eSmart Tax Returns with Pre-Season Pricing! Ends Soon! – File early and save !!

Learn more about taxes and tax software on Amazon – Not sure what tax software is right for you Amazon can help you decide.

EXCLUSIVE BONUS: Get an extra 5% on top of your refund and added support and guidance with TurboTax Basic. Learn More

Get investment tax help with TurboTax Premier and get the biggest refund you deserve. Start Now.

Put your tax return to good use: Save up to $10 on Quicken Deluxe plus get Free Shipping!

Owe More Than $10k to the IRS? Call Today – We Can Help You!

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