How to Send a Free Trial of Zoobooks to a Child


Zoobooks Free + Free Gifts       Zoobooks FREE

I know that my grandkids love animals and learning but this grandma sometimes has a difficult time finding the right gift for birthdays and holidays.  That’s why I like the idea of the Zoobooks because I have grandkids ranging from the ages of newborn to 7 years of age. I can send each child a subscription to either Zoobies, Zooties or Zoobooks depending on their age.  Plus, they love to get their own mail so they get excited when they find out their favorite animal books have arrived.

Zoobooks Free Trial for Kids Ages 6-12
Zoobies FREE for Children ages 0 to 3 + FREE GIFTS!

Kids love animals and they love reading so this makes a great combination gift. Plus, you can send it directly to their address if you are sending it as a gift.  Check out the free trial of Zoobooks for free and cancel at any time if you don’t want to continue or get billed.

Enjoy Free Gifts:

  • Animal Poster and Wildlife Stickers: Zoobooks & Zootles
  • Animal Songs and Learning Games: Zoobies
  • Digital Subscription ($19.95 Value): Zoobooks, Zootles & Zoobies.

Zoobooks Free Trial + FREE Gifts

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