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As summer draws near we often find ourselves daydreaming of warm weather, longer days, and most of all outdoor get-togethers! Whether you’re planning to celebrate every summer holiday from Memorial day through Labor day or have one big blow-out bash, be sure to give your guests a party to remember when the snow starts to fall come winter. Layla Grayce offers stylish and chic tabletop accessories for those upcoming summer gatherings. I found three items that I think are a must-have for your future party.

After spending time baking sweet treats for your guests, you deserve to display your desserts in style with the Ceramic White Cake Plate (Set of 3). The Clairebella Personalized Ice Bucket is perfect for outdoor cocktail parties and summer picnics. Fresh flowers are always a beautiful way to decorate a table or counter, so be sure to find a vase that complements your assortment. The DwellStudio Vase is a contemporary delight inspired by vintage style.

Shop with Layla Grayce through 5/31/12 and receive an additional 15% off your purchase on all tabletop accessories with promo code 15party. Happy Summer!

DwellStudio Vase Glass Bulb Blue

DwellStudio Vase Glass Bulb Blue

DucDuc Alex 3 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Alex 3 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Alex 4 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Alex 4 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Alex Armoire

DucDuc Alex Classic Youth Bed

DucDuc Alex Crib

DucDuc Alex Desk

DucDuc Alex Loft Bed

DucDuc Alex Platform Bed Painted

DucDuc Austin 3 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Austin 3 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Austin 4 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Austin 4 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Austin 5 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Austin Bunk Bed Painted

DucDuc Austin Bunk Bed Wood Finish

DucDuc Austin Credenza

DucDuc Austin Crib

DucDuc Austin Playtable

ducduc Austin Youth Bed Wood Finish

DucDuc Austin Youth Bed Painted

DucDuc Cabana 3 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Cabana 3 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Cabana 4 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Cabana 4 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Cabana Armoire

DucDuc Cabana Credenza 2 Wide

DucDuc Cabana Credenza 3 Wide

DucDuc Cabana Desk

DucDuc Cabana Lounge Chair

DucDuc Cabana Loveseat

DucDuc Cabana Vanity

DucDuc Campaign 3 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Campaign 3 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Campaign 4 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Campaign 4 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Campaign Armoire

DucDuc Campaign Crib

DucDuc Campaign II Crib

DucDuc Campaign II Stacking Dresser

ducduc Campaign Stacking Dresser

DucDuc Campaign Youth Bed

DucDuc Collins Rocker

DucDuc Eddy Rocker

DucDuc Morgan 3 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Morgan 3 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Morgan 4 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Morgan 4 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Morgan Armoire

DucDuc Morgan Bonding Bench

DucDuc Morgan Crib

DucDuc Morgan Desk

DucDuc Parker 3 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Parker 3 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Parker 4 Drawer Changer

DucDuc Parker 4 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Parker Credenza

DucDuc Parker Panel Crib

DucDuc Parker Playtable with Chalkboard Top

DucDuc Parker Playtable with Paper Roll

DucDuc Parker Youth Bed Painted

DucDuc The Table

DucDuc The Table Bench

DucDuc Austin 6 Drawer Armoire

DucDuc Austin Bookshelf

DucDuc Cabana Bed with Optional Canopy

DucDuc Cabana Crib with Optional Canopy

DucDuc Campaign Daybed

DucDuc Campaign Desk

ducduc Morgan Youth Bed

DucDuc Parker 4 Drawer Low Dresser

DucDuc Parker 6 Drawer Armoire

DucDuc Parker 6 Drawer Dresser

DucDuc Parker Armoire

DucDuc Parker Youth Bed Wood Finish

DucDuc Alex Bunk System

DucDuc Alex Platform Bed Wood Finish

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