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How to Make a photo book with Digital Content

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Digital Content – I hope that you take the time to capture your exciting, interesting, delightful and inspiring moments so you can reminisce on those experiences year after year. See how far you’ve come. Amaze yourself about how much has happened. Look at how much you and others have grown.

Blurb has an exciting new feature to share,that allows you to use their new blog import feature in BookWright where you will be able to turn digital content (such as your fantastic website!) into a beautiful book. This new feature accepts just about any blog building tool, including Blogger, WordPress, and Squarespace to name a few, and pulls text and images directly into the tool.

You will have complete control over making a book from your blog or website. Create print-ready layouts with Bookwrights help. This is a great tool for building your brand or creating profit opportunities from content you already have and turning it into a digital or print book. Whether you want to share recipes, photos, craft ideas, business items, or anything else from your blog or website and turn them into a book using Bookwright is the perfect way to get this done quickly and easily.

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A beautiful, thoughtful, creative way to collect your personal accounts is to assemble them into a Blurb book. You may have created some crazy fun memories during your new year’s celebration. Or perhaps 2017 started off with an incredible trip somewhere or notable excursion with friends. Before the month is over, add “Make a Blurb Book” to share your memories. You’ll be so delighted that you did.

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