Sweet Morsels Checks by Connie Haley

Sweet Morsels Checks
Sweet Morsels Checks

New Connie Haley Products from Checks Unlimited!

Designer Checks – 2 Boxes For 1, or 4 Boxes For 2, Additional $2 Off 4-Box Order, Free Shipping | Code: 8KMF

Designer Checks – $6.99/Box-Singles, $7.99/Box-Duplicates, Free Lettering, Shipping & Handling, Free Labels with 2 or 4 Box Order | Code: 43P7

Haley is known for her beautiful imagery, which is created by combining and layering patterns, textures, and digital painting in original and creative ways. She produces colorful, detailed artwork which is apparent in the three new check designs that have been created and are ready for sale now

Connie Haley Sweet Morsels Checks

Sweet Morsels Address Labels

Sweet Morsels Checkbook Cover

Sweet Morsels Checks

Laugh by Connie Haley Gallery-Wrapped Custom Canvas Giclee (Ready-to-Hang)

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