The Best Organic Citronella Bug Repellent

Greenerways 4-pc. Organic Citronella Bug Repellent Assortment

Greenerways 4-pc. Organic Citronella Bug Repellent Assortment

If you are like me you care about using chemicals around the kids, grandkids and pets. That’s why I like the Greenerways Citronella Bug Repellent. This stuff works really well, just spray it on your arms, legs, ankles and arms in the morning or when you are going in your garden or when the mosquitoes are at their worst.  You won’t get bit at all and it smells really good like Citronella and lemon.

While you have to try this for yourself as there are some people who swear that the only thing they can use it the sprays with DEET in it because they are mosquito magnets. Plus you have to like the smell which is pleasant to some while others don’t like it.  I prefer not to have all the chemicals on me that is why I prefer organic products.

The reason I like the organic products that work so much is that while my dad who lost his battle with cancer worked around a lot of chemicals and it seemed when he switched to organic products and less chemicals around him he extended his time here with us longer than the doctors told us.

I don’t like a lot of chemicals around especially since I am sensitive to everything. The Citronella Bug Repellants is one of those things you just need if you want to keep the bad stuff away. The smell is strong but is will keep the bugs aways but you should wash it off once you come inside especially if you get it on your clothing.

Greenerways Citronella Bug Repellent is inexpensive and does work for most people.  I would suggest reading reviews and trying it for yourself.  With all of the warnings of the Zika Virus and other potential threats from mosquitoes it’s best to keep them away with the safest means possible.

You can purchase the Greenerways Citronella Bug Repellent online here, read current reviews and get more information.  

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