Top Reason to Use TypePad for Your Blog

There are many different places to blog online but if you are wanting to create a professional looking blog you may want to check out TypePad.
Here are 5 reasons why TypePad is the blog platform of choice for so many bloggers!

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Top 5 Reasons to Use TypePad
1. Simplicity: TypePad’s intuitive interface allows you to add content, pictures and links quickly and easily. You can go from blank screen to live blog in minutes! If you do need help, we provide customer service 7 days a week.

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2. Control: TypePad offers the ultimate in blog management tools, allowing you to customize your design, moderate comments, decide whether or not to display ads, and much more.

3. Creativity: We’ve commissioned talented graphic designers to create design templates that make your blog look sharp, professional, and creative. You can customize the templates an infinite number of ways; or, you can code your own.

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4. Technology: TypePad is the only service that balances ease of use with sophisticated functionality and high-traffic capacity. You can choose your own domain name, and also add widgets to your blog from a dedicated gallery of third party service providers who have integrated with us.

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5. Storage: TypePad offers every Pro member unlimited storage space to upload photos, video and audio. Your blog can also be password protected to store all of your information safely.

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