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Talk to a Doctor Online – Have you ever needed to get an opinion from a doctor right away but couldn’t get in to see your physician and didn’t need to visit the walk in clinic because you just needed an answer to a question or possibly a quick refill of your prescription? ¬†In the past we have had medical emergencies that may seem like we wanted help right away but either were to sick to get up and see the doctor or felt that a visit may be not needed. That is when a Virtual Doctor will be extremely helpful and convenient.

Get An Online Diagnosis. Live by Video, Voice & Chat 24/7.

HealthTap is the world’s first Global Health Practice providing 24/7 immediate access to 170,000 top doctors from query to cure! Virtual Care is an entirely new and comprehensive way to practice medicine. With the rapidly advancing reliance of smartphones, personal computers and other mobile devices to access medical care, the number of virtual visits is expected to exceed office visits by 2018.

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The Benefits of HealthTap are

Save Time & Money

Average Wait Time

Less than 2 minutes

Average Price

Only $44

Peace of Mind

Speak with a certified top doctor who will be happy to help you.

Get Second Opinions

Quickly and easily talk with a specialist for a second opinion.

Talk to a Doctor anywhere, anytime, 24/7! Live by Video, Voice & Chat. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Online Prescriptions 24/7. Quick & Easy Prescription Refills. Live by HD Video & Chat, 24/7.

Get a Doctor’s Second Opinion. Live by Video, Voice & Chat 24/7.

Medical Advice for Women. Live by Video, Voice & Chat 24/7.

What kinds of health issues can the doctors help me with?

You can talk to a doctor online about abdominal pain, allergies, asthma (stable/non-emergency), back pain, bee sting, bladder infections, cold, cough, depression, diarrhea, dry skin (eczema), eye irritation, fever, genital lesions, hay fever, headache, heartburn (gastroesophageal reflux disease, or gerd), influenza, lab interpretation, nasal congestion, nausea, nosebleed, painful urination, pink eye, rash, respiratory infection, scabies, skin infection, sports injuries, strep throat, travel medicine, urinary tract infection, vaginal itching, yeast infection, and more.

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