Barnyard Plastic Canvas Pattern – How to Create Hours of Fun for the Kids

Barnyard Plastic Canvas Pattern Set will Provide Hours of fun Playtime for the Kids

Leisure Arts The Best Of Mary Maxim Barn Yard Plastic Canvas Book

This barn full of animals, tractors and farm helpers will provide hours of fun playtime for the kids and it also makes a great collectible to display. The pattern download is filled with over 23 accessory pieces to bring the farm to life!

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A barn filled with animals and farm tools that you can make using yarn and plastic canvas. Enjoy hours of fun playing with these 23 different farm and barn items that you can create on your very own! The kids will enjoy playing with the toys or you can display them as a collectible for those who love the farm life!

The patterns are easy enough to make when you follow the downloadable or Paperback book BarnYard Pattern.

Mary Maxim’s colorful Barn Yard plastic canvas set will provide hours of fun playtime for children or make a cute display for collectors. The 3-dimensional classic red barn (15 x 11 x 13 inches) is stitched with medium weight yarn on 7-mesh plastic canvas and finished outside and inside. The barn doors open wide for easy access in displaying the 23 accessory pieces, also made using 7-mesh plastic canvas. Pieces include fencing, animal pens, a tractor with a driver, a standing farmer, and standing horses, cows, pigs, sheep and goats.

Get the Paperback or Download the Patterns for the Barnyard in Plastic Canvas

There are lots more playsets to make using plastic canvas just take a look at some of the ones below to create your favorite !!! Just scroll down and pick your favorite to make for the kids to play with!

More Plastic Canvas Patterns

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