Great Gift Ideas Dauber Dawgs Markers Activity Set

Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers and Activity Sheets Hours of Fun for Kids

A Review of the Dauber Dawgs Dot Markers Activity Set.

Upon receiving the Dauber Dawgs Washable Dot Markers Activity Kit I was curious to discover just how much fun these could be!

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I was pleasantly surprised what was inside the creative box of markers and activity sheets. There were animals to color, numbers and letters to learn, states to learn about, and more! Not to mention the set of colorful dot markers included in the set.

Learning and Fun all in One Kit

Washable Dot Markers 13 Pack With 124 Activity Sheets For Kids
Washable Dot Markers 13 Pack With 124 Activity Sheets For Kids

The Dauber Dawgs markers and activity book includes all sorts of fun experiences for the kids. Enhance creativity, learn about numbers and letters, and enjoy a new way to color with markers!

This set is made for toddlers and kids ages 3-12. I know that I will be having a fun time playing with the grandkids and the Dauber Activity set.

What’s Inside the Kit

This special gift set version includes 13 markers and 124 physical activity sheets for your child; also receive pdfs to download and print at home; packaged ready to give as a gift. It’s easy to open and provides hours of fun and learning!

What I like about the set is that it’s divided into multiple activities for different learning experiences. You can color animals, learn about numbers and letters or explore the United States maps.

Getting Started with Dauber Dawgs Markers

  • One size fits all; our markers fit comfortably in any size hand including your toddler; loved by preschool and kindergarten classroom teachers
  • Non toxic and non leaking; non spill dot markers offer minimal clean up compared to paint brushes, finger paints and other craft supplies; no spilling cups
  • Play bingo at home as an effective number learning exercise for younger boys and girls; stand out in the bingo hall with a lucky pack of bingo daubers
  • Children tend to be calm and focused when they start to dab dots on the page; arts and crafts idea for the entire family; a different way to color, stamp and decorate your scrapbooks

Coloring with Dot Markers

I have to say that I wasn’t exactly sure how to use the markers until I read using your Dauber Dawgs for the first time.

The tips are white when you first open them. You need to shake them well before using. Using scrap paper stamp repeatedly until the full color starts to show. Once you’ve done that you are ready to create!

Learn More and check out the different sizes of sets for Dauber Dawgs Markers and activity sets.

Makes the Perfect Gift for Kids

I typically have a difficult time finding gifts for the kids every year. Since they have so much I want to give them something that they will use and still be able to learn with. The Dot Markers activity set is something that I can keep at my house when they come over and use with them.

The handy side opened box design let’s you provides easy storage for your pages and markers.

How to Order Your Set of Markers and Coloring Pages

Dot markers have an easy grip for kids to hold on to while using. Plus, there non-toxic and washable for easy clean-up! They won’t spill and dry quickly. There are endless possibilities of things to create with the marker set.

Dauber Dawgs Activity Set

Colorful, Vibrant Dot Markers For All Ages

The imagination of a child can turn a simple dot into a masterpiece. Purple skies, blue trees and multi-colored cats are easy to create with Dauber Dawgs dot markers! Promote early childhood development by encouraging hand-eye coordination, color recognition and creativity.

Dauber Dawgs comes in 9 different pack sizes

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