Dollar Store Ideas for Flowers Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthdays

Sweet Surprises Bouquet by FTD
Sweet Surprises Bouquet by FTD

If you are giving the gift of a bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day, Easter, Birthdays, anniversaries or any other special occasions there is a way to save money and create a beautiful bouquet of flowers on your own.

First – Go to the floral shop of your local grocery store and purchase a bouquet of mixed flowers, roses, etc. without any vase.  The flowers will be less expensive this way and you can easily create a beautiful bouquet on your own by doing the following.

Valentine’s Day Gifts and Crafts from Dollar Tree  

Clear Glass Vases  Clear Glass Vases at Discounted Prices

Second – Go to the dollar store or shop online for vases for under $2.00 in different shapes and sizes to collect (or check your local thrift and Goodwill stores). Keep these vases handy to use to add your flowers to once you have purchase them. Add the flowers from the store into the inexpensive vases.

FTD Irresistible Love BouquetALL ITEMS - Fabric Ribbon

Third Step – Add some colored ribbon to match your flowers to the vase. Tie the ribbon around your vase in a bow or wrap it around and use a good adhesive to glue it to the vase. you can also add a printed card from your computer or hand write a special note.


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