Perennials Made Easy! How to Create and Grow Amazing Gardens

Perennials Made Easy! How to Create and Grow Amazing Gardens

The amazing thing about growing Perennials in your garden instead of annual flowers is that perennials will last for years without much care. Sometimes you may want to change the garden around a bit and make it more spectacular than the year before. Keeping your gardens full of color, throughout the growing season, and depending on where you live, year round. If you are looking for Perennials that are easy to grow and maintain then this information is for you!

Perennials growing in the garden easy ways to grow flowers
Perennials that are easy to grow

We get lots of friends and family asking questions about what they can do with their gardens to make them look better. They ask questions like everyone else about what they can do with their plants, what they are doing wrong and even start out with amazing looking gardens only to discover later on the summer that nothing is blooming anymore.

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This is caused by planting flowers that may be appealing at first but you want to make sure that you stagger your perennials to bloom throughout your garden all summer long!

Mistakes Made when Planting Perennials

One of the first mistakes that gardeners make when planting their perennials is overdoing the flowers.  We have done this in the past and while you may think this will come out beautiful, it becomes, well a bit of a mess. You see the flowers in the garden center while they are in full bloom and think how nice they look but in all reality once you get them home there is no room for them.

We have no reality of how long these flowers in the garden center will bloom from year to year, when they will bloom, or how long they will last.  Instead, we are fixated on how pretty they currently look.  That’s why it’s best to ask questions and plant flowers according to when they will bloom and arrange them by the growing season.

Focus on the green foliage first, not how pretty the flowers are.

For example take a look at this garden area photo

Planting your Garden for spring and summer

Even though there is not much blooming, the perennial garden still looks beautiful with all the greenery. That is because of the mixtures of the textures and the foliage, rather than everything just being all green. Selecting plants to mix in with your flowering perennials is always a good idea.  Take a look at Hostas and other easy to grow perennials in the garden.

There are so many wonderful plants that add color to a garden.

Plants come in a variety of colors from reds, to light greens, dark greens, variegated, along with contrasting textures and sizes. Mix up your plants in your garden and try not to plant to perennials of the same color right next to each other, instead add foliage of different textures and colors next to one another.

Perennial Garden Flowers 

We love gardens bursting with flowers that are blooming. But once again don’t go overboard with your flower because the majority of perennials will spread from year to year and you won’t know where to plant them all! Focus on bloom time for perennials.  While some will bloom in the spring and early part of summer like Lilies, others such as Black-Eyed Susans come around later in the summer. Be sure to read the plant tag at the garden center when purchase a perennial to see when it blooms and the best time to plant the flower.  The tag will tell you so much and if you are still not sure ask for help or bring your phone with to check out any additional questions on the particular perennial.

While we do plant Zinnias from seed every year in the garden we keep a mixture of Lilies, Black-Eyed Susans, Hostas, Hydrangeas and other flowers and plants in the planting area. Sedum and other green foliage make another great addition to our garden areas.

How to Grow Perennials for Summer
How to Grow Perennials for Summer

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So be sure to include perennials that bloom at different times of the season along with green plants such as Hostas and Sedum in your perennial garden. Mix them together as much as possible and don’t be afraid to rearrange and move your plants from year to year to change up the garden. Be sure to layer height, color and texture as much as you can. Create everlasting colors along with textures and colorful foliage for you to enjoy and for your neighbors and friends to envy.

Garden Perennials that are Easy to Grow

Early Spring – plant spring bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, and others to get a touch of spring color early to your garden.
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Spring and Early Summer – Depending on your climate plants and flowers such as Lilies, Peonies, Spirea, weigela and poppies. Hostas and Sedums start popping out around this time also.

Summer Blooming Perennials – Lilies will continue to bloom depending on the type of lily, coneflowers, phlox, Iris and so many others that we could go on all day. Take a look at the large variety of perennials found here…

Fall Blooming Plants – Aster and Mums are some of our favorites

Other Blooming Plants – Roses, hydrangea, astilbe and clematis are plants that bloom at different times of the season.

Mixing different perennials along with seeds and annuals for pockets of color in the garden will create a spectacular garden experience. Be sure to experiment with colors and textures and to space out your flowering times accordingly.  Just remember to try to keep the flowers blooming during the entire growing season.  Perennial gardening isn’t difficult it just a bit of experimenting involved. So get to the garden center and start shopping or see some of our recommendations below.
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