Make a Tooth Fairy Pouch Plastic Canvas Pattern to Hold a Tooth and Money

Tooth Fairy Pouch Plastic Canvas ePattern
Is the tooth fairy stopping by your house tonight? Check out the easy plastic canvas pattern that you can use to make a Tooth Fairy Pouch to place the tooth in and afterwards, the child’s money in. The pattern is very easy for beginners and if you want to create them to sell at craft fairs they are a hot item! ┬áThis can be downloaded for you to start creating for your kids today!
“The Tooth Fairy is going to come tonight–I’ve left my tooth all shiny and bright!” This adorable “tooth” is actually a little pouch to hold a child’s pearly white. When the Tooth Fairy visits, she can replace the lost tooth with a well-earned reward! The design is stitched using worsted weight yarn and 7 mesh plastic canvas. It is accented with satin ribbon and a 5 mm pom-pom. Approximate Design Size: 2-1/2″w x 2-3/4″h.
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