Where to Find the Best Battery Powered Halloween Animatronics

Best Animated Halloween Decorations

Halloween Animatronics

Are you ready to serve up some thrills and chills to your trick-or-treaters? You can keep it simple or go over the top with Halloween animatronics. Either way, these battery-powered robots are all about the scary! 

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Halloween Animatronics

Discover animatronics as simple as a creepy dropping spider & an eerie-eyed doorbell. Or there are these jaw-dropping characters such as Regan from The Exorcist! Yikes! So plug in and get ready, this Halloween is one for the books!

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Pumpkin Scarecrow Animatronic Decoration
Pumpkin Scarecrow Animatronic Decoration

Add this exclusive Pumpkin Scarecrow Animatronic Halloween Decoration to your spooky decor this year! This grumpy pumpkin looks angry, but we’re sure it will be happy to be there to make your Halloween extra spook-tacular!

17″ Black Brewing Witch with Cauldron Decoration – $29.99

This 17″ Black Brewing Witch with Cauldron is making toil and trouble by stirring her cauldron to bubble bubble. Luckily for us it’s a decoration and won’t actually boil over.

Gentleman Skeleton Animatronic Halloween Prop
Gentleman Skeleton Animatronic Halloween Prop
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Animated Mr. Crazy Bonez Skeleton Prop
Animated Mr. Crazy Bonez Skeleton Prop – $69.99

This Mr. Crazy Bonez Animated Skeleton Prop will be the hit of the party. Put him in a corner and watch him scare all your visitors when he lights up and moves!

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