The Best Ways to Create Shade for your Small or Large Outdoor Living Space

The Best Ways to Create Shade for your Small or Large Outdoor Living Space

The Best Ways to Create Shade for your Small or Large Outdoor Living Space

Here’s a few ways to protect yourself from the sun with a few outdoor accents that will transform your backyard or patio.

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You want to sit outside and enjoy the weather on a bright and sunny day until you start sitting out there and realize you are too hot and uncomfortable in the sun. Or even worse you get sunburn.

Shade is an essential part of any area of your yard. From a patio, pool area, or just a great spot on the backyard!

For many yards shade does not come naturally.

There are lots of solutions for creating shade in a backyard or outdoor space. Here are a few suggestions to avoid sunburn, sweater and having to squint to read, craft or check out your phone or tablet while enjoying the outdoors.


Create Some Shade

The Umbrella

9' Market Umbrella

Shown 9′ Outdoor Umbrella from Wayfair Find it Here

An umbrella is the perfect shade blocker. It works perfectly to block small spaces from the sun in a backyard or on a patio. Plus it fits perfect in almost any patio set up.

The benefits of using an umbrella are that it’s an inexpensive way to create shade and easy to set-up. An umbrella is movable so you can easily rearrange and move your furniture.

There is a wide selection of colors and sizes of umbrellas available. You can easily blend with your style or make a statement.

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The Gazebo

Baskerville 12 Ft. W x 10 Ft. D Metal Patio Gazebo

Shown 12 ft x 10 Ft Metal Patio Gazebo available on Wayfair —-

If your yard or patio has the space for a gazebo you”ll love the idea of this luxurious and wide-reaching solution to too much sunshine. It creates a space to gather and entertain, and ensures that, rain or shine, you will still have a place to enjoy the outdoors.

A gazebo provides total weather protection to protect you from the rain, snow or sun in most situations.

It makes an instant design statement and upgrade. Plus, with a gazebo you can add new covers, covers, or even a projector screen for outdoor movie night.

View all the options of  Gazebos available to ship here… by material, installation type, size, features and design.

The Pergola

Cedar 12 Ft. W x 10 Ft. D Solid Wood Pergola

Shown 12ft x 10ft Solid Wood Pergola available at Wayfair

A pergola is typically made of wood or metal, is shaped like a gazebo but has a lattice style on top of it. This will allow sunlight to peak through while still partially blocking the sun. The reason we love pergolas are because they are stylish and catch the eye. Plus, they offer endless potential for a backyard.

Benefits include:
Aesthetic value: Pergolas are unique pieces that add value to your outdoor space.

Partial sunblock: The lattice top permits some light to come through the ceiling, giving you the best of both worlds.

Gardening potential: For a classically beautiful pergola, you can plant vines that will wind around the posts and through the top openings.

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Porch Swings with Canopies

Mansour Patio Loveseat Canopy Hammock Porch Swing with Stand

Patio Loveseat Canopy Hammock Porch Swing with Stand

For a quick and inexpensive patio or deck shade solution consider a patio swing with a canopy that provides shade for sitting outdoors.

Here are a few porch swings that you will love…

Northbrook Porch Swing with Stand

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