Crochet the Starlight Peppermint Afghan Different Versions of the Pattern

Starlight Afghan Pattern

Crochet the Starlight Peppermint Afghan Different Versions of the Pattern

ePattern Starlight Afghan
ePattern Starlight Afghan

You’ll love this Crochet Peppermint Swirl Afghan and it will look fabulous in your home for the Holidays!
The Starlight Crochet Afghan pattern is a holiday crochet favorite. So when Leisure Arts sent me the ePattern to try out of this beloved holiday favorite so close to Christmas time I decided I needed to make it in different colors since I would not get done in time for Christmas.  I thought this would make a great baby blanket or better yet use primary colors (bright colors) for the baby to lay on and play when on the floor.
The first thing I do when I receive a crochet pattern is read through it a couple of times before deciding what yarn colors to use and how I am going to make this.  I have been crocheting for a long time so while sometimes I do create the pattern exact a lot of times I will modify to who I am making it for.  This may mean different colors, a larger or smaller size or a bit different look. But overall the original pattern is what I ultimately go off of.  When I started to look at variations of the Starlight crochet afghan pattern I found there are several crocheters who made it in different colors or used another version of the pattern called the Peppermint Afghan.  It’s a digital download in PDF format that is easy to read on a tablet or print out and use while you relax.
Take a Look at some of the other versions of the Afghan..
 Crochet a Starlight Peppermint Motif afghan pattern
This version of the afghan from Leisure Arts requires putting motifs together to help you out you may want to watch the video below… I has some modifications but may help you as you work your way through the pattern.
 Crochet Versions of Starlight or Peppermint Crochet afghan pattern
When looking on Pinterest or Searching for Website Images there are a variety of different versions of the pattern.  It’s best to download one pattern and modify it to what you like in your favorite yarn colors.
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