Here’s How to Crochet Food patterns and crochet the dishes and cups too!

Crochet food patterns and crochet the dishes and cups too!eBook Ice Box Crochet
eBook Ice Box Crochet

Ice Box Crochet eBook

Kids will have hours of fun when your crochet them an icebox or refrigerator filled with food.
The pattern can be downloaded or viewed in book form .
In the tradition of amigurumi, the Japanese art of miniature crochet creations, Ice Box Crochet presents a tiny vintage refrigerator and lots of faux food items and dishes to fill it! Great for using scrap yarn, these faux foods make fun toys as well as cute home decorations and refrigerator magnets. Make the whole set or just a few favorites! The finished sizes of your projects will vary depending on the yarn used. The Ice Box will be approximately 13 inches tall in fine weight yarn, 16.5 inches in lightweight yarn, or 20 inches in medium weight yarn.

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