How to Crochet an Eco-Friendly Tote Bag

eBook Enviro-Totes
eBook Enviro-Totes
Save money and the environment by crocheting up an eco-friendly tote bag. Use leftover yarn scraps to make one or buy some organic yarn to create these shopping bags.  Be sure to make enough of them for your next trip to the store.  The great thing about these is that they are sturdy and hold a lot more than a regular grocery bag. Enjoy the craft of crochet, help the environment, and look stylish, too! Ruth Shepherd’s Enviro-Totes, first published in 1992, are on the mark today! Each of the four styles is crocheted using medium weight cotton yarn. The dense patterns offer sturdiness and textured good looks. The Roomy Tote shown on the front cover measures 16 x 16 x 8; four of them can hold a week’s worth of groceries for the average family of four, and one bag will conveniently store the other three between supermarket visits. The Bucket Tote is 13 x 16 with handles accented by buttons. The drawstring Lace Tote is 17 x 23, with mesh sides that offer expandability and compact storage. Featuring a pattern of vertical ridges, the Carryall Tote is 14 x 20.
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Enviro-Totes eBook


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