Learn the Benefits of planting a raised Garden Bed

Learn the Benefits of planting a raised Garden bed

Economy 4x4 Cedar Raised Bed (7-14

Two-Step Composite Raised Garden Bed – 4′ x 8′


A raised garden bed, or garden box is a great way to plant vegetables or flower gardens. The gardens are especially nice for smaller flowers and plants. They keep the weeds away from around your garden soil, provide drainage, and can prevent slugs and snails from getting in the garden.
Raised gardens also help with bending as much when tending to plants. This is helpful to older gardeners and those with disabilities. Raised garden beds are an easy way to reduce drainage and increase your planting yields, making them ideal for difficult planting areas or small gardens.
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Garden beds can be purchased from local garden and home improvement stores or they can be built after purchasing the proper materials. Building a raised garden bed is a simple project and can be made out of wood, vinyl, recycled products and many other items.

When building a raised garden bed it’s best to use eco-friendly materials, especially when planting vegetable that will be consumed by family members. Cedar is the most-friendly because it is naturally rot resistant. Check with the garden store to find out what is the best weather-resistant for your area. In the Milwaukee area since we have some cold, wet winters it’s best to pick a durable wood or even a vinyl to use for your bed.
Until the safety of treated wood is proven, it is recommended you use a naturally rot-resistant wood like red cedar, black locust or redwood. Typically, these woods will last 10 – 20 years when used for raised beds. Recycled composite plastic lumber is another alternative, and is readily available in a variety of sizes and colors.
Besides picking out a cedar wood or other option to create the raised bed you will also need to purchase fasteners such as coated deck screws, cross supports and the right tools including a hand saw, square, level, mallet, hacksaw, screwdriver and a drill.


There are alternatives to raised garden beds including elevated container gardens, modular raised garden beds, and ready-to-grow complete raised garden kits that contain everything you need to create a garden.
For free instructions on how to make a raised garden bed check out these tutorials on the Sunset Web site.


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