The Best Fast Growing Trees to Plant in Your Yard

The Best Fast Growing Trees to Plant in Your Yard
Need a tree that grows in a hurry than check out the fast growing trees

Fast growing trees for planting in your yard and garden are popular item that many tree planters want to explore. A fast growing tree is a tree that grows faster than the normal tree and would be likely to grow 2 to 3 feet a year.

Sugar Maple
Sugar Maple

Sugar Maples are a deciduous tree known for their brilliant fall colors and sap that is the primary source for maple syrup.  Plant a row of them along your street, or just one to provide shade and fall interest in your front yard. Read More

Green Giant Arborvitae

The Green Giant Arborvitae (Thuja plicata ‘Green Giant’ – sometimes called Western Red Cedar) has become one of the most desired landscape trees in the US, and for good reason. With a growth rate of 3-5 feet a year this has one of the fastest growth rates of any Arborvitae available learn more….

Growers have many reasons to select fast growing trees. For shelter, privacy, wood protection, to get a new yard started, wind breaks and more.
The growth rate of trees will vary depending on the tree type, where it is planted, fertilization, watering and if it has been planted correctly. Not all species of trees will grow at the same rate. A few of the best fast growing trees are displayed below.

Before planting a tree be sure and check the zone to learn if the tree is zoned for your location and any other planting information about the tree like where to plant it, sunlight and watering suggestions, etc.
Arborvitae – Green Giant – This is one of the most popular and desired tree for planting in a yard or for privacy. The tree has a growth rate of 3-5 feet a year this one of the fastest growing variety of Arborvitae. Read more…. 

Autumn Blaze – Red Maple – One of the fastest growing maple trees which is hardy and has a brilliant red color in the fall. Read More
Corkscrew Willow – The Corkscrew Willow tree is a small to medium-sized, upright spreading tree of about 30 feet in height with a 15-foot-spread. Read More…
Dawn Redwood – The Dawn Redwood is a large, fast-growing tree. It makes a great shade tree and has a soft fern-like texture. Read More…

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Douglas Fir – The Douglas Fir has common names such as, Interior fir, Rocky Mountain, Douglas fir, Douglas, Yellow or Red spruce, Oregon pine, and Douglas tree and is rapid growing, it makes a great Christmas tree. Read More…

Ginkgo – This tree is known as the indestructible tree. Ginkgo biloba tree can tolerate just about anything and can live 1,000 years or more. Read More…
Autumn Blaze® Red Maple
Royal Empress – Grows up to 15’ per year. This is one of the fastest growing shade trees. This tree nature can grow up to 15 feet in its first season, and at maturity reach heights of over 50 feet in less than five years! Read More…

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When planting a tree steady the tree into position and make sure that it is straight. Keep it watered well after planting and water regularly in the first few weeks to make sure that the tree has taken to its new location. When planting a fast growing tree remember as the years pass they will become more difficult to remove should you decide you no longer want them or need to thin them out.
There are many more fast growing trees available along with beautiful flowering trees, evergreens, privacy trees, fruit trees, shade trees, hedges and more can all be found on the Nature Hills Web site.
Norway Spruce Tree  The Norway Spruce,Picea abies, is a fast-growing evergreen conifer. It would look outstanding in a large front yard, or perhaps serve as a natural windbreak and privacy hedge along a property line.

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Colorado Blue Spruce Tree
Colorado Blue Spruce Tree

What really makes the Colorado Blue Spruce tree stand out of the crowd of other evergreens is the beautifully different color. It’s greenish. It’s blueish. It’s silvery. It shines next to dark greens and makes the autumn reds, yellows and oranges around it pop. It is just as striking in the winter as it is in the summer – maybe more so, since it sparkles covered in snow or next to brown, bare branches.

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