Tiny Headed Kingdom The Perfect Plush Animal for Animal Lovers Review of Twist Tiger

Tiny Headed Kingdom The Perfect Plush Animal for

Animal Lovers Review of Twist Tiger

Tiny Headed Kingdom Twist

Tiny Headed Kingdom Twist

The Tiny Headed Kingdom Animals are adorable plush animals that are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face the minute they see them!  My Tiny Headed Kingdom named Twist arrived at my door from Calendars.com in exchange for a review.  I opened the box and immediately let out a chuckle because he was so much larger and cuter in person than in his photos.

Tiny Headed Kingdom Twist in BoxTiny Headed Kingdom Twist came in a box and looked happy to see me and wanted to come out and play!Tiny Headed Kingdom Twist in a box

Review of Twist the Tiger Tiny Headed Kingdom Animals

Twist was born on July 16th,  but nobody knows where the Tiny Kingdom lies so we are not sure where he was born. He may be from the jungle, from just over the mountains, beyond the sea, or maybe just down the street. Twist the tiger and his friends Pip the bear and Nickleby the lion appear like balloons, lollipops, birthday cakes, or other fun things that are round and friendly.

The first thing you want to do when you see a Tiny Headed Kingdom animal is to give them a big hug.  They stand 18 inches tall, 16 inches wide, and are 8 inches deep.  They weigh 1.8 pounds and are filled with love for everyone from ages 3 to 99.

When you first meet a Tiny Headed Kingdom animal like Twist you want to give him a big hug, keep him next to you while you watch television, use him as a pillow, and snuggle and play with him.  I can’t wait to introduce him to the grandkids the only problem I have is that I have 4 grandkids and one Twist to review so I will have to find out which one they want and order 3 more of these guys!

Twist was born in the Tiny Headed Kingdom on July 16th. He is very silly and loves to play and cuddle!

Tiny Headed Kingdom TagTiny Headed Kingdom Tag 2








The Tiny Headed Kingdom animals have tiny heads but big hearts!  When I took Twist out of the box he enjoyed sitting on my couch, going outside to hang out in the garden and after a day of playing we took a nap.  He’s so soft and cuddly.  The kids will love playing with him and will benefit from the power of touch.  Positive touch such as snuggles and hugs benefits emotional and physical growth.

  • 18 Inches Tall
  • Perfect for Hugging and Snuggling
  • Makes a great pillow
  • Made from Synthetic Material
  • Surface Wash Only

You can order Twist and his pals Pip and Nickleby exclusively at Calendars.com  

Tiny Headed Kingdom outside Tiny Headed Kingdom outdoors Twist the Tiger has a little head but a big heart!  He loves to play outside but be careful of him getting dirty he can be washed gently with a clean cloth on the surface.

He is looking for someone to cuddle and play with him and loves to be tossed around, used as a pillow and play with other!

Learn More about Twist 



Twist has friends from the Tiny Headed Kingdom they are Pip the bear and Nickleby the Lion You can meet them and learn about his friends.

View info about Pip and Nickleby



Twist the Tiger from the Tiny Headed Kingdom

Tiny Headed Kingdom Close upHere’s Twist hanging out on our patio and sitting in a lawn chair relaxing during the summer.

He’s waiting for the kids to come over and play with him for a while and afterwards he’s looking forward to snuggling and watching a movie with them!Tiny Headed Kingdom Twist TigerTwist also likes to nap with us and doesn’t mind if we use him as a pillow when we relax!

TIny Headed Kingdom pillow Tiny Headed Kingdom Twist back Tiny Headed Kingdom Animals

Learn more about Tiny Headed Kingdom animals and order one for you and the kids to play and snuggle with!

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